Monday, 19 November 2012

Two Batches of Cupcakes And An Aran Jumper

The weekend has been fairly steady.  HK has been feeling poorly again, he was quite bad yesterday and went to bed when I put Mary-Jane to bed, the same again tonight.  Last night he was insistent that I check on him during the evening.  This was worrying.  I checked on him a few times and he was sound asleep each time.  I hope he feels better by morning.
I have managed to do not one but two lots of baking.  The first was a batch of Orange Marmalade Cupcakes, made on Saturday.  The second I did this afternoon - Banana, Cinnamon and Walnut Cupcakes.  Both are taken from the highly recommended Eat Me!  by Xanthe Milton.  In the background you may notice some haricot beans soaking.  Auntie Annie and I shall be making Boston Baked Beans tomorrow afternoon after playgroup.  We will be making two lots - one with and one without bacon/pork.

I have also been looking at my baking books again.  I am having my appetite whetted by The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days and Betty Crockers The Big Book Of Cupcakes.  With the Betty Crocker book, I couldn't get on with this at all as it was written in American English and all the weights and measures were in cups and such like.  Since putting this book down previously, following a dismal attempt to convert it to English, I have overcome my mental block of Cups.  I can read the book anew and understand them.  So, I shall study it further with fresh eyes and see waht takes my fancy.  There are a couple already.  As we are having our Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday - a day that suits us all as Mum has a meeting to go to that afternoon - I said to Auntie Annie that I would bake her her favourite cupcakes for Thursday and use some Stars and Stripes cupcake papers.  It is going to be something carroty and something quite chocolately. 
I have sugarcraft tomorrow night and I haven't done my homework.  I feel a bit bad, but time hasn't really permitted.  In the evenings I have been tired, gone to bed early or needed the tranquil headtime that I get from knitting.  I am continuing with EZ Three Lace Pi Shawl.  The yarn is black and I find that I cant do more than two or three rounds before my eyes start stinging.  So I have started Decimal, a cardi from, via Ravelry.  I am using a chenille type yarn.  It is one that I got from the tat shop quite a while back, it's on a cone and there are no labels so I don't have a clue about manufacturer etc.  I just need to keep my fingers tightly crossed that there is enough yarn to do the project.  I think I shall be sailing very close to the wind on this one.
A few years ago, I was given a beautiful hand knitted cabled aran jumper.  It had been knitted as a gift for someone.  Unfortunately the proportions are a bit out.  The chest is at least 62 " and the length is 26".  I have been looking for a cable/aran pattern that I can re-use the yarn.  I have stated this evening to unpick the seams.  I am still unpicking.  I have only freed one sleeve and and slowly freeing the other.  I thought I could get it done so much quicker.  I do feel guilty about undoing someone elses work, but the blessed jumper will never be worn in it's current incarnation and I can't let all that aran yarn go to waste.


Unknown said...

That's a huge sweater! I am glad to hear that you are reusing the yarn. You could probably knit a lapwarmer/small blanket from it if you didn't want a sweater.

Enjoy the baked beans. There are about a bajillion and one recipes for baked beans but they are all good.

CarpeDyem said...

It was a huge jumper. It is all frogged and sat in balls in my knitting bag, ready for use. I am getting on okay with the new jacket and the cabling is looking good!

I shall try and keep bean in the freezer as stock/standby