Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cockermouth and Keswick

We had a day out to Cockermouth and Keswick.  We being myself, Mary-Jane, Auntie Annie, Cousin Elaine (Auntie Elaine to MJ) and Mum.  We had an early lunch at the Lakes Home Centre at Cockermouth.  I had a lovely cheese and relish toasted sandwich.  Mary-Jane had a ham sandwich but was far too taken up wiht everything going on around her.  I drooled over some of the things in the kitchen part, namely Mason Cash mixing bowls.  I do have a fancy for them.  There were some small ones, one pink that matched my big pink one, and a small red one that said 'God Save The Cream' on it.  I am trying not to think about them and how much I want them!
We then went on to Cockermouth.  The first shop we went into, a clothes shop, Mary-Jane walked straight up to the counter and asked the lady for a lollipop.  I was a bit taken aback!  In Chambers in Workington, they have a jar of sweeties that they offer children, the last two times I have taken Mary-Jane, she has had a lollipop.  The lady said she didn't have any lollipops but had a biscuit if that was alright?  Yes Please, said Mary-Jane.  The lady went into the back and came back with a tin of biscuits, gave Mary-Jane one, then put a good handful in a bag for her to take if she wanted one later!  She then put the bag in a carrier bag to make it easier for MJ to carry.  MJ then did a quick tour of the shop and headed straight for the door!
We then had a walk up the main road, and had a look in Fagans.  At the rear of the shop, they have a baking section.  With MJ in tow, I had a whistlestop look around.  Long enough for me to ooh and aah over cake papers and such like.  And long enough for MJ to find some cake papers with tractors on.
After Cockermouth, we headed to Keswick.  It seemed colder in Keswick.  It was around 1degree.  Crisp and cold.  The images are taken on the road between the two places.



In Keswick the market was on.  We had a look then went into the big chocolate shop.  Lots of temptation in there!

Mary-Jane enjoyed her day out.  She was quite tired when we got back.  She said she had fun and protested when it was bed time.  I haven't (touch wood) heard a peek out of her since!

Uncle Ken went home today.  Uncle Frank (Dad's brother) and his son Ian arrived early evening and are now down the pub with Dad.  Mary-Jane took quite a shine to Uncle Frank last time he was here.

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