Sunday, 4 November 2012

Head to Head with bedtime

I am head to head with bed time.  I have seven photos downloaded onto flikr, they will have to wait till tomorrow, apologies.  I have finished the Holes To Make Lace shawlette and it is blocking on a towel on the floor - one of the pictures.  I am happy that it is a short project and that it is done.  The lace work has whetted my lace appetite and I am having thoughts of doing some finer lace work and continuing with one of the shawls I started a while back.  I'm not yet sure which one.  Perhaps the EZ one, that has been most prominent in my mind.  I have reservations that Holes may be too small.  That may just be me, only thing is to check when it has finished blocking.  I don't always remember that shawls sit differently on people that are less voluptuous than me!
Mary-Jane has had a much better day.  She has drank and eaten, although not proper meals.  SHe has been murmering in her sleep this past hour, so I am expecting her to wake soon.  She seemed almost excited about feeling better today.  She did have rather a runny bum (ahem) at one point.  She slept really well last night and even had a lie in.  Tomorrow I'm hoping that she will take more fluids and eat more.

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