Monday, 12 November 2012

The Pinny Is Ready To Ride Again!

I have a had a relaxing afternoon at Woodlands Cafe in Santon Bridge, at the knitting group.  We knitted, chatted, drank tea and ate cakes.  Marvellous.  And we talked about baking. A lot.  I am more encouraged to try choux pastry, following much encouragement.  Most people that I have spoken to recently about choux claim how easy it is.  The thought of my own eclaires excites me.  The thought of mastering a pastry fills me with ooooooh-ness!  My baking mojo is coming back.  It has taken a bit of a sojourn for around two weeks.  The pinny wants to ride again!
I have had the last slice of pumkin pie - HK loves it, I am chuffed with that - it tastes much nicer than yesterday.  The vegetable flavour has gone.  It made me wonder whether to give the beetroot pie another go, and leave it a day or two before eating.  I do have some of the mix in the freezer.  It may just be worth giving another whirl.
I still haven't put the icing on the WI cake.  After I got in from the committee meeting this evening and had a very late tea, I didn't want to shift for a bit, then time dictated that it was rather late to be doing.  Time is ticking, so I need to get my finger out.  The there is the decision as to whether or not I do anymore baking for the WI birthday on Wednesday.  I think time will out me on this one.  I do not even have in mind what I could make, so unless I have divine inspiration over night, I may not bake.
I have been cracking on with ASJ.  I am now on the button hole row, so maybe another 5 rows, 7 tops.  I have decided to do this outer band all in the dark purple in the hope that it will give it a more finished off look.  I am still thinking of letting 2013 be the year of fairisle.  I shall continue stash busting.  And play about with lace. 

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