Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Few Hours Out

I had a few hours at Fobbles this afternoon.  It was a welcome break and good to catch up with the ladies there.  I did a tension square for the next cardi I want to do, one from  Strangely the tension square seemed quite accurate.  I took this as a good omen and cast on.  This evening, I gave into sensible thought and took out ASJ.  I was pleasantly surprised that I only have a couple more inches to do before it is the same length as my new red cardi.  As long as it is in proportion, I don't really want it much longer.  Then there is the Great Stitch Pick Up.  That will run into hundreds of stitches.
Mary-Jane seems better today.  She is eating and drinking more normally.  Fingers crossed now that normal service can resume - once we all catch up with our sleep.  MJ woke up around 4.30 am this morning.  I put her back down after 15 or so minutes, but then no matter what HK and I couldn't settle back to sleep.  We were down stairs for half five.  No wonder I feel shattered now.
My head has been rapidly filling with more knitting projects that I want to do, as well as sugarcraft and cake decorating ideas.  I have made myself stop thinking, joined up thinking has left the building for a well earned rest!

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