Friday, 16 November 2012

ASJ, PI and Auntie Annie

I finished my ASJ last night.  I am pleased with it and pleased that it is finished.  I need to sew buttons on, I didn't really get the chance today.  It is a bit on the big side.  It would look nice with some kind of shawlette of detachable hoodie as the neckline is broad at the front.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and look better than what I thought they would.  They would suit some long fingerless mitts.  Anther big project done with.  I just thought that if I had sewn the buttons on this evening I could've worn the jacket in the morning when we go to the library.  Never mind, it might be raining or I may get chance to do them in the morning.
I have been very good and not started another project.  There is not one that is calling or yelling at me to start, which is good.  I can concentrate on getting work done on others.  I was going to do Revontuli, but I couldn't easily place my hands on where exactly I had place the chart, and I couldn't be diddled to look for it.  So I took up the EZ Pi Three Lace Shawl and have been cracking on with that very well, and enjoying doing it.  I have done seven rounds .  For those of you that are familiar with the wonderful pattern, I am about to start round 11 of the second lace pattern.  There are 45 rounds.  Hmmm, looking at it, I find it difficult to believe that there are only 61 more rows/rounds till it is done.  I have a nagging voice in my head about this and will need to further consult the book about this.  At the moment all I have in front of me is a copied page to work from.
Auntie Annie aka AnnInAmerica arrived safe and sound yesterday evening.  It is good to see her again and to spend time together.  We are planning to make Boston Baked Beans Monday or Tuesday next week.   I am hoping to freeze some.  Auntie Annie also bought me lots and lots and lots of really pretty cupcake cases from the US, I was busting a gut nearly to do some baking last night, maybe tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed.  The fruit cake is not far off devoured, so I can bake again with a clear conscience!
I have also done a personal first today, with HK's help.  Nothing spectacular, just something I have been meaning to do increasingly, for quite a long time - peel, chop and boil a butternut squash and make puree to bake with.  I now have 665g of butternut squash puree sat in the freezer, ready for use.  Initially I was going to use it, but after a chat with HK, and the way the day was panning out, that I may not be able to get in the kitchen to bake.  I feel like I have wised up to a regular everyday ingredient, I suppose I have done really!

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