Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Being Poorly, More Knitting and Not So Much Baking.

We have fallen foul of our health again.  Following Mary-Jane being sick (and the rest) Friday night (at least I think it was Friday night), HK and I were struck Monday night, and oh boy was it bad.  I was okay till early evening when my guts started churning.  I went to bed around 9.30, early for me.  By 11, HK and I were taking it in turns to use the loo.  It wasn't pleasant.  Plus the thought that I couldn't dally on the loo incase HK was in equal desperation to use it, was not a comforting thought, as you can imagine!  We settled back into bed around 1ish, to feverish rest.  Then by 3, I was up again, facing the uneviable dilemma of one end using the facility and the other end needing to use it at the same time.  'Nuff said. 
By morning things had slowed down and we were exhausted.  Thankfully now we are over the worst of it and managed a proper meal for tea tonight (Glamorgan sausages, garlic and herb roast spuds, honey roasted parnsips and gravy).  Mary-Jane is taking a little longer to get back on her feet.  She is sleeping well at night and still saying that she is sleepy during the day.  Her food and fluid intakes are nearly back to normal.  She has discovered Kit-Kats, Kitty-Kats to her, and sliced garlic sausage. 
On top of all that, I have slept funny at some point over the weekend and ended up with a stiff neck.  I have suffered with this quite a few times before.  It has improved today, luckily.  It is helpful that I have had this before as I know the physio excercises and have been doing them.
What a tat-ta.
Here is a round up of some photos whilst I've been incapacitated and off the air:
Mary-Jane looking very sombre in her Halloween dress and witches hat.  She loved the dress and wore it two days on the trot.  And fine she looked in it.

Skeleton in the Casket #2.  I am a novice to piping, so was quite pleased how this turned out.  The cake pan was sent to me by my wonderful friend Paula, along with some other halloween treasures - further pictures to come.  I love this skeleton, I wish I could Halloween bake more often.
This is a belated birthday present for a friend.  It is made with a Malabrigo worsted yarn.  The pattern is Holes To Make Lace by Caitlin ffrench.  It is freely available on Ravelry.  I like it and may have to do one for myself.
I have made a jacket for Mary-Jane.  Petite Panache by Meghan Jones, again available for free on Ravelry.  I really enjoyed making this.  There are two features that I have never done before.  The pleats around the bottom and the way the sleeves attached to the main body.  Apart from the sleeves been knitted seperately before being attached, the garment is knitted in one piece.  The collar is started by picking up stitches.  As you can see, Mary-Jane was not in the mood to try on her new jacket.
An invisible press stud is need above the top button.  Mary-Jane is still not impressed with having to try on her new jacket.  This lack of impressed-ness doesn't do a knitters feelings much good!
A cheeky Mary-Jane in her halloween costume.
In between the  two bouts of poorlyness, Mary-Jane and I found time to make the christmas cake.  Well, Mary-Jane started helping me weigh out things, didn't like me being noisy using the kenwood, but she was there to help stir the cake mix to bring us luck for the next year.  I love baking with her.

I have also knitted myself a kerchief or head scarf.  One of those triangular ones.  I have it blocking on the floor at the moment.  I learnt to use a twisted drop stitch for this small project.  It looks quite effective.  No pictures as yet.
I am now wanting to make another garment.  I've still not finished the ASJ, here is a prod and a nudge to myself to get it done before I start anything else big and new.  I have found a few patterns, from dear ol' Rav for waistcoats in four ply and worsted/aran weight.  I want to use stash yarn, obviously and am doing my best to match up design ideas with yarn I've got.  I'm nearly getting there.  I was starting to get a bit over excited when I was making my final choices over what to do.  I recognised that I was getting tired and probaly wouldn't actually cast on tonight, so I did the sensible thing and backed off.  I hope tonight lucid sleep thoughts won't involve too much of deciding which to do.  I might leave that till the cold light of day. 
Besides all that, I have a new interest in snoods, the 1940's type.  I have a few patterns for these, I just need to identify some yarn and there is a few small projects.  Enough to keep my grey knitting cells leaping with excitement.

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