Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sugarcraft Week 8 & An Invitation For Mary-Jane

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at sugarcraft tonight.  No pictures though.  We did a lot of preparation for two projects, that I am looking forward to learning.  The first one is a technique called Flooding.  You decide on a picture, or a line drawing, or even use a patchwork cutter to give the outline.  A good size cake board is covered on the top with wax paper (not greaseproof, as many people had took this evening, as is doesn't particularly come of greaseproof very well).  Stick it down on three sides with masking tape.  Then slide your picture underneath the paper. Stick a tab on the bottom of the paper to help remove it when the time is right.  Then with royal icing and a 1.5 plain tip, trace over the lines.
When this is done, let down some royal icing to a more near pouring consisitency, put some in an icing bag, and fill in the gaps.  The icing can be coloured before it is let down.  You can't do two sections that border each other as they will run into each other.  Once it is all done, it will need to dry for about 5 days.  It looks straightforward, and it may need lots of practice and confidence, but I am really wanting to get cracking and try this.
The other thing we did was to dye ready rolled fondant/sugarpaste and cover a dummy cake and board.  With this we will try and practice different piping techniques.  This will be more for after christmas.
I have also reserved my place on the christmas cake decorating workshop on the 2nd December.  Can't wait.
This morning Mary-Jane and I went to play group.  We couldn't get last week due to us all being poorly with D&V.  The group was very busy, about 20 children.  Mary-Jane was a little shy at first, then found her feet.  When it was singing time at the end, she shone.  She played the drum with a maraccah and then her hands.  She then stood up singing and doing the actions, squealing with delight.  Beautiful to see her like this.
When we arrived, I was told that there was an envelope for Mary-Jane on the table.  Inside was an invitation from Gosforth Mothers Union for their Christmas Party on 8th December.  I got a bit choked.  It is her very first party invite.  I am so excited for her.  The Mothers Union hold a party each year and invite around 50 children.  Being in a room with 50 partying children fills me with dread and I will need something for my nerves!  I can't wait.  I rang and accepted the invitation this afternoon and am smiling everytime I think about it.

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