Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pumpkin Pie For The First Time

Following on from my Pay It Forward parcel of pumpkin puree and evap milk, this afternoon I set about making my very first Pumpkin Pie.  I even made the pastry - and that came out rather well!  I used American Pie Crust recipe.  The pie came out very well.  The filling was light and airy, reminding me a bit of mousse.  I didn't have any cream to serve with it, but will have next time.  I liked the pie.  It left a sweet after taste in my mouth.  What I found unusual, and found the same with the Beetroot Pie, was that there was a taste of vegetable about it.  This comment is to be bourne in mind with the fact that I am not used to having a vegetable as a desert, just as a veg.  Do you know where I'm coming from?  I am pushing my culinary taste buds in a new and tasty direction.  If I can try (and adore) beetroot roasted with sunday dinner, and beetroot (again) in cakes, the path has been laid. 
I couldn't help thinking that my palette needed something else with it.  Whether cream would fulfil this I don't know.  I thought maybe chocolate shavings, maybe not.  Nothing overly sweet.  The verdict is that I like pumpkin pie.
The recipe I used was taken from the label on the tin.

Mr Snuggles has been getting somewhat very dirty of late, what with Mary-Jane's cold and unwellness, he has been in the call of duty.  As a reward, Mr Snuggles was treated to not only a hand wash scrub from Daddy, but a soak in his very own special bath, with something special in it to help him get cleaner.  Mary-Jane wanted to bath him, look after him and get him clean.  She even wanted to wash his face and hair! 
She is becoming a very loving and caring little girl.  When I say to her that I am having a sit down and a rest on the sofa, she pulls my patchwork lapghan off my shelf and put it over my legs, hauls the bean bag over and tries to put my feet on it.  Today, she clambered on the sofa next to me, put Mr Snuggles on my shoulder/front and said that Mr Snuggles was my blanket, then pushed my chin back so my head was resting on the back of the sofa and told me 'Mummy go bo-bo's'.  Bo-bo's is sleep.  Can't argue with that can I? Apart from to get a tissue to wipe my eyes.


Unknown said...

I am very happy you like it!

Funny but I never thought of pumpkin pie tasting like vegetable before. Probably because I associate the flavor with pie or pumpkin bread (which is also sweet) and almost never eat pumpkin as a vegetable. Although I do remember eating acorn squash for the first time. I never had squash as a vegetable growing up (I guess my mother hated it so we never ate it) and the cookbook recipe said to serve the baked squash with butter, nutmeg and a bit of brown sugar. So I did and thought it was disgusting..."it tastes like pumpkin pie!". Which would have been just fine if I had been eating it as dessert instead of expecting something a bit more savory. (The brown sugar and nutmeg should have been a clue...)

Pumpkin pie is generally served either at room temperature or cold from the fridge. The pumpkin flavor is less strong when it's icebox cold. It's traditionally topped with whipped cream (sweetened or plain). But you know, it would probably also taste fabulous topped with Bird's custard sauce. Hmmm...maybe I will try that this year...

CarpeDyem said...

The pie lost it's vegetable flavour when I had some the next day, I liked it even more then! Next time I will get some cream as well