Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Boston Baked Bean Day

Auntie Annie and I have been beavering away in the kitchen and have made two dishes of Boston Baked Beans - one with bacon and one without.  I liked making these and enjoyed cooking with Auntue Annie.  It is another recipe I shall make again, I may tweek it a little here and there to make it mine.  HK would like buffalo sauce in it or hot pepper sauce to give it a bit of a kick.  HK and I had some for our tea, with chips and a pastie.  What doesn't get eaten tomorrow will go in the freezer.

I also had a visitor today - Sarah.  We haven't caught up for a few weeks, although we have seen each other in Gosforth, mainly when I have been driving and Sarah has been on foot.  I was able to give her her belated birthday present - the Shawlette.  She seem happy with it and it looked rather good on her.  She naturally wore the shawlette in many different ways that had not even crossed my mind, they all looked good.
I was going to do my sugarcraft tonight.  I had bought it all downstairs with me when I put Mary-Jane to bed.  When I came to it, I had left the tracer paper upstairs, so couldn't be 100% on which colour goes where.  I could've guessed, but I was still full from tea, so I decided instead of sneaking back upstairs, I'd do it tomorrow night instead - this is a must to get it to dry intime for next Tuesday.  I am itching to get my hands on some more waxed paper to experiment and play with this technique.  I know I can get some from my 'local' sugarcraft shop in Workington.  I am on a mega strict budget this month, so it will wait till next month, which in reality is only two weeks away!
Mary-Jane had a much better nights sleep last night, so it follows that HK and I did too.  Phew all round.
I have been typically naughty as well with my knitting, I must confess.  The aran jumper that I am undoing to re-knit, well, yes I have cast on this evening.  I need a bit of TV knitting and this kinda fits the bill.  Till I get to the cabling.  It is not an all over cable pattern.  The jacket is knitted all in one, although I didn't chose the pattern for this reason.  It is a Drops Design 109-3.  I do wonder if the yarn is a chunky aran, as what little I have done so far is making a dense-ish fabric.  I am sure it will look fab when it's done - and it will be lovely for the Spring.


paula said...

Oh, no . . no spice to Boston Baked Beans . . they need to stay sweet. But, then again, I always add mustard and ketchup to mine . . . and some brown sugar . . YUMMO!

CarpeDyem said...

I added molasses, treacle and ketchup. I'll try a bit of mustard - and no spice!