Friday, 8 March 2013

Sour Cream Pumkin Bundt Cake

The baking offering of the day is Sour Cream Pumpkin Bundt Cake.  The recipe can be found here.  I've had one slice and I'm not overly sure.  It seems over moist, but cooked well enough on the edges.  It was in the oven for long enough - the recommended time, which is generally too long in this oven.  Maybe it needs a little lower for longer, or mixing longer, who knows.  It tastes okay, which it the main thing.
The brown in the middle is a hidden brown sugar streusel filling, quite spicy.

I am planning a Key Lime Pie next.

I am getting on well with MJ's tank top, then end may be in sight tomorrow evening, maybe.  The hem will need some kind of blocking as it rolls up a bit.

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Unknown said...

any pumpkin cake is going to be dense, even more so with sour cream, I think. I tend to use a lower heat when cooking the dense cakes (e.g. banana bread, pumpkin bread).

Oh, for your frozen banana can just stick the fruit in the freezer (unpeeled). The peels will turn black so don't worry. Or you can peel/mash them and store them in prepackaged sizes. Most people I know who freeze bananas for baking do the former, those who freeze them for baby food do the latter.

And a plain, frozen banana is a delicious hot weather treat!