Tuesday, 12 March 2013

On the way to Woodlands

I remembered to take my camera when I went to Woodlands Knitting Group yesterday.  I stopped at my usual spot on Irton Flats (I have been informed that the place may actually be called Irton Levels, I shall look into this, I am probably wrong).  The blob on the right is dust or something in the workings of the camera that we've not been able to get out yet.

This is looking to the left.  I must admit that I still don't know the names of all the fells.
In the direction of going to Woodlands.  Woodlands is at Santon Bridge.
Looking to the right, so a broken panoramic view
I literally stepped out of the car to this.  If I had been really lazy, I could have just wound the window down to take the shot.
A few yards up and around the corner

It is hard not to be affected by such natural beauty, to be in awe

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