Saturday, 9 March 2013

Of Sheep and Toddler Tops

I have very nearly finished Mary-Jane's Tango Top.  I wanted it done tonight so she could wear it tomorrow.  I am half way through the second shoulder strap, so following that all that needs doing is attaching the straps and blocking the lace hemline.  I don't want to rush to finish it, or stop up late.  It will be done tomorrow and it will be my Mothers Day gift to her.  Then I shall start on her cotton swirly skirt.  Once I have done my WI minutes of course tomorrow night!
I didn't get to freeze bananas today.  We were going to defrost the freezer, it really needs doing and the ice is taking up precious space.  But we didn't get to do that.  I did make a bit of space by cooking a summer fruit strudel.  A slice of which went down deliciously with a big blob of chocolate ice cream.  We also made a massive Shepherdless Pie for tea, for today and tomorrow, and maybe the day after!
Mary-Jane had a really good sleep last night.  She may have wakened during the night but she didn't cry and we had no need to go into her.  I think it did us all some good - and probably made us feel more tired.  Fingers crossed for more similar such nights!
I am in parlez with another knitter, from Kniterarti.   We are talking of doing a knit-a-long, or a project that may challenge us.  One of the contender projects is The Sheep Carousel Tea Cosy by Kate Davies.  I've been rather taken with this pattern since last years Woolfest.  It would be nice to do this with another knitter.  I do miss this kinda thing, I used to do this with Sally, in particular, and others from Stafford Knit Chicks (Hello Sylvia - I miss you too!).  I don't think I have a suitable yarn in my stash, I shall have to see about acquiring some in the next few months.

This is The Sheep Carousel, by Kate Davies.  The image is from the pattern page on Ravelry.

I need to go Stash Surfing.

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