Monday, 25 March 2013

Summer Stripes Top

I finished MJ's Summer stripes top a couple of days ago.  The colours are pretty - and right for spring/summer.  I do like this design.  I will see if I can vary it a bit.
Mary-Jane likes her new princess top.  All tops that she likes at the moment are princess tops/dresses.  It will be good for her if the weather ever breaks and we get some warm weather.  I'm not holding my breath.  I am pleased that she is finally happy again to wear woolies.  Around her neck is her Special Treats Bag.  She has this on when she get her special treats - chocolate and sweets etc - from Granma.  Her treats go in the bag, she wears the bag and is a happy girl.

Last night I started a Ruffled Top by Elena Nodel, again the pattern is freely available on Ravelry.  It's going alright at the moment. I don't envisage any problems with it as it is quite straight forward.  I'm thinking that pretty soon I may need a break from MJ clothes, I think the last four things I have done are for her.  Maybe I just need to do something a bit more challenging for her.  I don't want to stop whilst she is happy to wear woolies.

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