Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spatula Licking and Park Life

Mary-Jane loves to help me bake.  She loves to wear her pinny, especially when mummy is wearing hers.  MJ also has her very own Minnie Oven Gloves, although she is not allowed to go near the cooker when it is on.  She also likes to have a bit of a run around when she is baking!

There are always perks to helping Mommy bake - one of them is licking the bowl or spatula.
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This afternoon the weather wasn't too bad - no wind and no rain, so I suggested that we take a very tired Mary-Jane to the play park for some fresh air.  One of the ironic things of living in the country is the lack of safe space to walk a toddler.  I may have mentioned before - there are two roads by us, the back has less traffic on and no path, the front has a path for half a mile in one direction, but the road is very busy - it is the main road to Sellafield.  Not an ideal road to walk a toddler who has no road sense.  Anyhow, I digress.  We went down into village to the play park, as expected it is an ideal spot for Mary-Jane to run around, burn her energy off and have lots of fun and fresh air.

Mary-Jane discovered 'the bouncer' and loved it. She could see saw without anyone being on the other end.  She did insist at one point that I played with her on the bouncer.  It was more of a mini work out for me - I couldn't exactly sit on the bouncer (think of the physics of it!) so I had to pretend to sit on it and then squat up and down, holding on to the handles - fun really!

This is the park I used to walk to, and push Mary-Jane in her pram, then sit on the bench and knit, in the first few months we moved here.  It is also the site of the old village school, now demolished, the new one being a quarter of a mile away.
This morning I met a friend, H, for morning coffee at The Hungry Parrot in Gosforth.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very relaxed when I came back to the house. I am getting to value my meetings with H and our conversations.

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