Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bambino Top

I'm a day or two behind with my posts.  I finished MJ's Bambino Top on Sunday Morning and naturally whipped off the one she was wearing and put her in her new one.  She was very happy with it, as was I.  I do like the sleeve straps, certainly a design style/feature to remember.  I love to see her running round in the clothes that I make her.  It is such a shame that I am not in a position to dress-make, if I was my head would certainly be falling off with all the ideas for clothes for her - and for me!

MJ looks quite serious here, but I was doing my best to chase round after her with the camera and snap her in those nano seconds that she stood still.


The pattern is called Tango Top, by Sarah Ronchetti, it is available on Ravelry and Petite Purls.

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