Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A New Tank Top

My knitting for Mary-Jane continues.  I have trawled Ravelry for ideas and tried to marry them to my own personal ideas and what yarn I have available.  I have had a degree of success.  I have cast on a tank top and am ready to cast on a twirly skirt.  I have tried not to think beyond these tow, once I had made the decision to start otherwise it would bog me down terribly and nothing much would actually get done.
The tank top is knit all in one, from the bottom up.  It starts with a 12 row pattern (after a couple of set up rows).  Alternate rows are done in stocking stitch, so during the patterned rows, the tv has been paused, then set off again for the plain rows.  Decreases are made every ten rows, following this.  I have been watching The Great British Bake Off, so nothing overly taxing and it does lend itself to this sort of knitting!
I still have a cold, with lots of crud on my chest.  HK thinks his cold is breaking and poor MJ is still coughing, although I'd like to think not quite as much.  She is sleeping slightly better.  She does get so tired during the day, this frustrates her terribly, being tired.  She doesn't help herself by not  having a rest or a nap on Daddy.
We did get to playgroup yesterday, and I was lucky enough to go to Kniterati in the afternoon.  I worked on the 22.5.2 Degrees Shawl.  This morning, I frogged the whole thing.  The middle point was far too long and the ends were not long enough.  Next time, I shall stick to a more tried method of knitting from one end to the other, increasing to the centre point then decreasing.  And of course I shall try and add a fancy edging to it.  However another scarf is not on the 'Got To Make It Now' list.
The new issue of Baking Heaven arrived with me today.  As usual there are lots of things I want to bake.  If I hadn't been feeling so grotty this morning (I had a bit of a nose dive after being on the go and chasing MJ around for a good few hours), I am sure that there would have been a few cakes and biscuits on the table.  All in the fullness of time.  Perhaps tomorrow I shall find a recipe for a Mothers Day cake to do on Saturday, for Sunday.  I might even try and sneak some time to bake as well.  I am quite tempted by a few featured Scottish recipes and other biscuits.  I have also had the urge to make cake pops.  I am stopped in my tracks by the lack of Candy Melts.  I know I can get these online, and the sugarcraft shop in Workington sells them (well they did a time or two when I was last in, granted that was several months ago).  I cannot justify a trip to Workington just to buy candy melts though!

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