Sunday, 31 March 2013

Out in the garden

I think Spring is trying it's best to put in an appearance.  The weather was mild enough for us to sit outside for a good half an hour.  HK gave the grass it's first cut of the year.  MJ enoyed running around outside and playing on her slide.  I  loved watching her.  I found it quite spiritually envigourating and very relaxing to sit out and look around the garden.  I could feel my muscles deep in my shoulders and back relaxing down.  At times like this it makes me realise how tense I actually am all the time.
The garden needs much work on it.  Although we are willing to look after it and have great plans for it, our hands are tied as it is not our garden to do as we please. 

Mary-Jane is in mid flight.  She has out grown her swing already!
The veg patch is in a sorry state.  HK dug it over a few times last year.  We didn't plant anything.
The soft fruit bed, in even a more sorry state than the veg bed! We were told that didn't need any pruning or cutting back, so probably no soft fruit again this year.  Such a shame.
My rhubarb patch.  I have asked HK if I can take over looking after it, as it has been threatened with digging up and the plants re-planting in the different places where they were originally, as they didn't yeild much rhubarb last year.  Perhaps they just need time to settle and to be looked after.

The view from by the front wall looking onto Cold Fell.  There is still snow on the tops of the fells.
View turning around and looking up the garden.  We are down to nine chooks now.  We would like to build a better, more practical, safer run for the chooks.  Can you see the lesser spotted HK?!
HK and MJ by the veg patch.  This is the table and chairs we bought with us when we moved.
Earlier in the day, Mary-Jane and I planted some seeds in easy grow pots.  Another introduction for MJ to learn about gardening.  We planted basil, chives and tomatoes.  Granma has bought some cress seeds.  It will be fun to find unusual containers and plant the cress.  I have also thought about growing some mustard seeds - I need to keep my eye out for some!
To follow on with these herbs, I am hoping to grow more herbs outside.  There is a small herb bed, although this has been taken over by ?bay leaf.  I shall see what magic I can work.  I don't want to grow too many different herbs, just the ones that I primarily use.  Mint is a must!  I still cant have boiled tatties without mint.  I would also like to try and make my own mint sauce.  I don't have big ideas for a herb garden, just to start small and manageable.  Let's see what the year brings us - hopefully a good and bountiful harvest.


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"Can you see the lesser spotted HK?!"

Of course, David Attenborough's voice immediately sounded in my mind...

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