Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend Catch-Up

I've felt a bit grotty most of the day, mainly to do with my guts.  The IBS still hasn't settled and when it plays up it knocks the absolute stuffing out of me.  I think what triggered it in the main today was my Valentines Cake.  I think it is just too rich for me at the moment.  Three times I've had a slice of the cake and three times I've felt bad after.  Today was worst.  I was even thinking of lying down on the bed for a while, but persevered. 
I have felt tired all day.  We three actually had a good nights sleep last night.  Mary-Jane slept all the way through till just after seven.  I think because we all had a good sleep that we feel more tired - it is all catching up with us!  MJ has coughed a few times this evening.  I have caught her cough. I am aware of my airways (in the usual places), they feel tight, not that I have needed an inhaler, just I know that they are there and they are labouring. I'm trying to ignore it and put it down to being tired and a bit run down.  I still harbour a quiet paranoia about gettitng poorly again.  To be expected I suppose.
I had a lovely day yesterday.  I took Mary-Jane to the library in Gosforth to get some new books.  She had earned herself another Attendance Certificate.  She is now becoming aware of the cetificates and what they are about.  She knows the routine of handing her old books in and taking her new ones to the desk and stamping the date on.  This particular librarian is very good with her.
After the library, we went on to visit a friend who moved into her new home on Thursday.  She has only moved a mile  (.9 of a mile she informs me!) from her previous house.  Her new home is lovely, I'm sure she will be happy there. I certainly would be, without a doubt! We stayed till about three, when MJ was starting to get a bit tired.  We had lunch, ate biscuits and drank tea.  If I'd stayed much longer I would have been giving it some major Zzzzz's in front of the log burner.  On the way back, MJ fell asleep about half way, and boy was she flat out asleep!  The journey is about 20 miles each way.
I was going to bake and have some kitchen time - I want to do some Lemon Curd amongst other things, but as I said earlier, I felt grotty.  I started making a Shepherds Pie, HK came to help as I was struggling even doing that.  It did taste rather wonderful, and I don't have to worry about tomorrow tea!
Oh!  Did I tell you what HK got me for Valentines Day?  Paul Hollywood's Bread and The Hummingbird Bakery's third book - Home Sweet Home.  Very Lucky Me!  I have started looking through Home Sweet Home and am inspred to do at least 80% of the cupcakes.  I am now looking through the second part of the book - big cakes (as opposed to cupcakes).  I've only had a very quick look through Bread, and read the intro only.  Hopefully this will help spur me on to make bread from scratch.  I know I'm not far off taking a foray into bread making - last weeks soda bread was just the start.


Unknown said...

People who look down upon English cuisine have obviously never had Shepherd's Pie. Or a Cornish pastie. I could happily live on Shepherd's Pie for the rest of my life. Food for the gods, I tell you!

CarpeDyem said...

We finished it off tonight for tea - next time I'll tantalise you with a picture!!!