Thursday, 7 February 2013

A New Book and A New Project

I have had a relaxing morning knitting and chatting at Fobbles.  I cast on a new project - a Summer Tee for Mary-Jane.  But why a new project only days after starting the Tulip Cardi?  When I dressed MJ this morning, I put her 'Little Sister' jumper/tunic/tee on her, over a t-shirt.  I thought I was taking a gamble with an knitted item at the moment as she has screamed blue murder when I have tried to put something hand made on her.  Today she loved it, calling it 'my scarf'.  I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't a scarf, she was too happy telling me it was warm and cosy.  We came down stairs, HK sorted her breakfast and I dived into my pattern collection.  I knew I had the pattern.  I found it easily.  The biggest size was to fit a 2 year old, too small for her.  I don't have the brain power at the moment to grade the pattern to fit her.  I searched Ravelry to find a similar one that would fit her.  I found one, very much the same in principle.  I had some mixed orange yarn in the drawer, so off I went.
I do have reservations whether the neck line may be too big for her, we shall see.  And I shall have to be prepared to frog and re-start.  I can also start thinking about making this pattern 'mine' and making alterations and adaptations.  When I have the head space.  The yarn is knitting up more pleasanter than what I thought it would do.  No pictures as yet.
By the time I got back I was feeling quite jaded and in need of rest.  I sat for a bit, had a bite to eat then had the brain wave of doing the weekly shop now, rather than in the morning, so I wouldn't be rushing - I have a GP appt in the afternoon.  Off we went.  I was struggling on the way back with the driving and was very glad it wasn't any longer a journey.
I also made a decision not to go to Sugarcraft this term.  I think, at the moment, it would be too much for me.  Come evening time I have no particular energy to do much at all.  The prospect of doing a 37 mile round trip and sitting in a class for two hours, is a bit too much.  Plus I am way behind with the work and would have difficulty catching up.  Mounting pressure that I don't need currently.  I do need to continue with it, and set myself small projects and try out new techniques of cake decorating.
I have already put some of the course fees to good use.  I have had arrive today, Jo Wheatley's 'A Passion For Baking'.  Jo was the winner of the second The Great British Bake Off.  Her book was not due out till March or April time.  However Sainsbury's had an exclusive and are selling the book now, cheaper than even Amazon.  I have looked through about half the book so far and I am liking it.  It is not another baing book full of cake recipes.  It is divided into baking for meals (baking not cooking).  Quite a few things have caught my eye to try.
Mary-Jane had a better night last night.  She awoke only once just after 11.  She came onto our bed for a bit, then went back to her own bed and stayed there till morning.  She hasn't slept through for, well not since I have been back from the hospital.  Fingers and toes crossed for tonight.  She is also a bit snuffly and has a cold coming on.  HK is feeling the effects of many nights poor sleep, and I feel for him.  MJ tends to cling to him when she is sleeping with us, so he gets the short straw.  I suppose it all comes with the territory really!

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