Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Running Around

I think I have a chest infection brewing, failing that an upper respiratory tract infection.  I managed to get a GP appointment tomorrow tea time.  It is at a surgery linked to the one I go to.  I was told that if I wanted a pre-booked appointment, I would have to wait three weeks.  Otherwise, I would have to ring and be placed in a queue to be answered, at 8am each morning until I was successful at A. Getting Through and B. There being appointments left that day.  At least I have an appointment.

Yesterday was hectic.  I knew it would be and I was glad when it was bedtime.  Morning started off with Mary-Jane and I going to Playgroup.  In the afternoon, I went back to St Mary's Room, the place where the playgroup is held.  I attended the first meeting of a new knitting group.  There was about 15 or 16 of us.  When suggestions were made for a name for the group, I made a suggestion - Knitterati, after the Knitterati that I used to go to at Carol's at Great Gate, on the Staffordshire Moorlands.  Time spent there was very special.  My idea was taken up (yes I did smirk alot), and the new group is now called Knitterati. 

I have yet to get in touch with Carol and let her know.  I haven't replied to her last letter, which she sent me back in September, which is remiss of me, and I really ought to make the effort to write back to her.

Evening time was spent at the WI Group Presidents and Secretary's meeting at Keekle.  I was pooped when I crawled into bed.  Only to be woken an hour or so later by Mary-Jane crying, and again later in the early hours.  Not a bad bad night, but one that has room for improvement!

I have been running around again to day.  It was the WI's Soup Lunch.  I picked up a WI friend (and her partner and son) from Egremont, to bring them to the lunch, stayed for a little while, then back to the house.  HK signs on today, so I drove over to Cleator Moor for him to sign on.   We did the recycling then headed off to Whitehaven to Argos to pick up a Mickey Mouse Playdoh set for Mary-Jane.  This is her Valentines Day gift from Auntie Annie.  She will have it tomorrow. 

No wonder I am jiggered!

I am nearly on the final stretch of Mary-Jane's scarf.  I have two and a half rows to go, then do the scalloped edge.  So maybe a further two evenings work.

All my Lemon Curd got sold today, along with a jar of pickled eggs.  I am planning to make some more and to do some Raspberry Curd as well.  I have a couple of cake recipes that use curd, so watch this space.  My mind is also wandering to Lemon Meringue Pie.  Pumpkin Pie must come first.  It is top of the list!

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