Saturday, 16 February 2013

Friday Afternoon Ice Cream At St Bees

We had a rare bit of  near sunshine accompanied by little wind and no rain, so Mary-Jane, Granma and I headed off to St Bees for an ice cream.  Mary-Jane was so excited.  We first went to Hartleys Beach Cafe, for ice cream, tea and viennese fingers.  The sea seemed noisier than usual, I'm not sure why.  The waves seemed louder crashing on the shore.  The sea wasn't rough at all, but the tide was in and was just starting to turn.  I could hear the sea gushing over the pebbles, almost seemingly to jingle them as the waves were going back in readiness for the next crash.

After the cafe, we had a walk down onto the shore line.  We didn't go onto the beach itself, but walked a short distance on the path, which is only about three feet above the stones and pebbles.
Mary-Jane must have really liked watching the waves, as she pulled to sit down and watch the sea ebbing and flowing.
Whilst sat, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and the sunshine seemed to come directly to us.  I didn't move to take this, it was just there in front of us.  This will always remind me of my Auntie Cynthia and Cousin Fiona.  Always.  They will never be far away from me at times like this.
When we got back, Mary-Jane climbed into the drivers seat and wanted to drive, like Mommy does.  She was doing a good job, she knew where to out her hands - and to put her seat belt on!  I think she takes on board more than what I give creedence for.

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