Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sunny Day and Forward Garden Plans

I think my chest infection is breaking - at least I really hope it is.  This morning I was hacking up loads of crud.  Nice.  I have two days left on the anti-biotics.  Lets hope they completely do the trick.  I have tried to soldier on and keep busy and not give into it.  As each day passes though I do feel more and more weary.  Today I drove to Carlisle and back - nearly a 100 mile round trip - for a WI Home Crafts Committe Meeting.  It was an enjoyable meeting, in which I actively participated.  And now I am jiggered - a very early night is on the cards.
We have had beautiful sunshine all day today.  The only downer being that all the way back I was driving into the sun.  Fingers crossed for the same sunshine again tomorrow and we might be able to spend a bit of time outside in the garden.  HK is gearing himself up to do the veg plot, and hopefully the soft fruit bed.  This will take much more doing as it hasn't been tended for at least three years.  I shall put the brakes on to my mind from whirring and driving me nuts about all the things I could do, make, bake, pickle and dry with the things that we plan to grow.
I am getting on apace with my Kerchief.  It's looking good, the yarn is being well shown off.  It may only need maybe two or three inches then I shall do an I-Cord finish.  I want to try and use as much as the yarn as possible.

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