Friday, 22 February 2013

22.5 Degrees Shawl For Mary-Jane

I have completed Mary-Jane's 22.5 Degrees Shawl.  She was very pleased with it.  It is much bigger than I thought it would be, and it fits me a treat as well........I wanted it to be more of a shawlette than a shawl.  There is still some yarn left, I've not weighed it yet, I'm sure there will be enough to make her a small shawlette.  However, Mary-Jane is very pleased with her new shawl.  She knew it was hers when I was making it for her.  She looks quite the Lady in it.

The pattern is 22.5 degrees by Martina Behm.  It is free on  The yarn is James C Brett - Moonlight Sonata.  I am now pondering about getting a ball of pink colourway as well.  Hhmmmm.
The yarn has a metallic gold thread, which shimmers nicely.  I love the scalloped edging - very easy to do.  It is on the To Do Again List.  It is a very pretty, delicate edge.

I went to the doctors again last night.  I have a chest infection and am now on another course of anti-biotics.  What joy.  It hasn't quite bought me to my knees yet and hopefully it won't.  I do need to slow down a bit and rest.  And I need to be right for Tuesday as I'm going to the CCFWI Home Crafts Meeting in Carlisle.  I couldn't attend last time due to poor health, back in October I think it was. 

I've been out this evening, living the high life - Prize Bingo at Wath Brow.  I didn't win anything, although I came close a few times!

I want to knit something else for Mary-Jane.  I have a pattern and yarn for a lacy shawl. I also want to do her a couple more dresses, though not all the same.  I have in my minds eye, to do her a dress in a feather and fan style stitch, a wavy type on.  I'm not quite settled on the overall shape of the dress yet.  I shall go rummaging through the drawers and see what yarn I can match up to project idea.  The bulk of my stash is still in storage, and has been there since November, and may well be there at least a good few more months.  Never mind, I have plenty to be going on with in the mean time.  When I do get it back it will be like having it all a new!

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