Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cadi's Koigu Kerchief

I was gifted a skein of Koigu KPPPM by Cadi.  I fell for the yarn and the colours.   I wanted to make something that really showed the colours off, something that was fairly simple and straighforward, with out being too simple.  I had a go at two other kerchief's.  Then I was inspired by one pattern to design my own.  I will write up the pattern, post it here and link it to Ravelry.  Not tonight though unfortunately, time has already ran away with me.  It is worked from the tip upwards, with a border of five garter stitches then a yarn over.  The center piece is an Aran Braid, which I thought appropriate with it being head wear.  It is completed with an I-cord cast off.  It made me think of the first time I was introduced to such a cast off and boy, did I think it was complicated and over my head.  So, in hindsight, Sarah, you were right, it is a simple, smart and effective cast off edging.
I'll see if I can get HK to take a photo of me wearing it.  I have enough yarn left over to hopefully do a hair band as well.


I have started another 22.5 degrees shawl.  This time definitely for me.  I am using Ice Yarns Bamboo.  It is a 50% bamboo and 50% cotton blend in variegated pinks.  I'm using 5mm circulars and it seems to be knitting up fast so far.  I've had the yarn for a good few years now, so it's a good Stash Buster project.
I have started watching James Martins United Cakes of America.  I am enjoying the series and the cakes, needless to mention!  He visits bakeries across America, then adapts the cakes and recipes to give them his own twist.  These recipes are available free online.  So far I have printed all but one recipe.  I am trying to be good and only print the recipes as I see them.  I am not busting a gut to make any of them at the moment.  It is nice just to be introduced to different cakes and see how the 'work', rather than just look through a recipe book.  I shall very very soon have to find a file or some place to keep all these downloaded recipes.  The small shelf where I tend to push them  is getting more than full.  No doubt HK will have something to say about that - it's just a case of where on earth do I store such things?!

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