Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tea Party, Planting Bulbs and a Short Trip To Egremont


Mary-Jane has been playing at Tea Party today.  She has played for a fair few hours with it, on and off.  She was given the set today and has been quite taken with it.  Everybody has had several cups of tea and joined in the Tea Pary, including Mr Snuggles. 

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Mary-Jane has also planted her first bulbs - narcissus, with help from Granma.



I managed to take Mary-Jane to Play Group this morning.  Very pleased with myself that I did this and even more pleased that Mary-Jane went.  She had a fun time and was the least clingy she has been.  In fact I wouldn't really be able to say that she was clingy.  It did take it's toll on me though.  I was very tired when we got back.  Achey all over like you are when you have flu or something along those lines. 
After lunch I had to pop to Egremont to get the mid week bread and milk.  As soon as I got back, Mum wanted to see if the wool shop was open, so I u-turned and went back to Egremont.  The Wool shop wasn't open, but will be tomorrow.  We paid a visit to the Tat shop (Age UK charity shop).  I found a few treasures, including a cross stitch of 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' - all stitched and framed and ready for Mary-Jane's bedroom wall, where it is now hanging.  I also found an old butter knife which will have a new life as a palette knife for my sugarcraft and cake decorating.  I also picked up a book for HK.  Winners all round.
As for my sugarcraft classes.  As you can probably half guess, I didn't go tonight.  I was way too tired.  I think this week was week five.  I now need, as I've said before, to clarify this and see if it worth me going for the rest of the term, which may be only another five weeks.  Difficult one.  the next term is in September, so it is quite a while to wait.  However I do have the monthly meetings of the Sugarcraft Guild to help me along my way.  I also need to step up my practice of all things sugarcrafty and cake decorating (and baking).  All in due course at the moment.  Practice make perfect!

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Unknown said...

amazing how much dirt ended up on MJ, no? very cute photos!