Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Having a walk in the sunshine

My first busy day in a while!  Our day started just before 5am, with Mary-Jane.  In her credit, she did manage to settle for nearly an hour on our bed, before she started pulling the divet down demanding that we get up.......
The morning was actually sunny, not quite crisp, but sunny, no rain and no wind.  I grabbed the opportunity and took Mary-Jane for a walk down Nursery Road.  This road is at the back of the house and leads to Beckermet.  Mary-Jane insisted on taking her pram - buggy as she calls it.  She did very well pushing the buggy until about half way when she decided that it would be much more fun and entertaining to just run as fast as she could.


I tell her to keep to the side of the road, in case of cars coming (sometimes they drive a bit fast and there is no pavement whatsoever).  She is still learning to steer her buggy and in going to the side, she sometimes over shoots!
This is the view looking back.  The side of the building by the van is the barn, which may be renovated this year, we shall see.
This is a sideways shot, as such.  In the background is Sellafield Nuclear Power Station.
Looking down Nursery Road towards Beckermet.

This afternoon HK had to sign on in Cleator Moor.  After this was my eye appointment.  It was just a regular eye test.  I know need a new pair of glasses.  Varifocals.  I always (wrongly or rightly) had the misconception that only old people had varifocals.  My distance eye sight has not deteriorated any, but my close up sight has.  I could have just done with a pair of glasses for reading and close up stuff.  But because I knit and watch TV (apart from when doing lace knitting) I need close up and far away eyes at the same time, hence the varifocals.  I knew I can't knit and not watch TV.  So the new glasses will be ready in a week or so.  All that took an hour to do and sort out.  All the while HK and Mary-Jane were outside in the car waiting for me.
This evening was WI night.  Our Speaker spoke on hand and nail care.  I did learn things and practial new to me ways of looking after my hands and nails.  I did try the demonstration and my hands are much softer.  Perhaps I should keep it up.  It was a good meeting to start the new year off.  We have generated some interesting ideas for crafty doings as well.  Much to be worked on.
And now I am jiggered!  I have had some toast and chocolates, all without taking a tablet, and my guts are starting to tell me this. Bah!

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