Thursday, 3 January 2013

Cloths and Fomulating Plans

I have  finally mamaged to get an appointment to see a GP today, after waithing around 3 weeks.  He confirmed that I have IBS and that it it is quite bad at the moment, with room to be Worse.  I also am fighting a viral infection which I probably have had for around two months plus.  Hence the run down-ness.  Just got to get myself better now.  I have felt a bit better the last day or two and Positive Mental Attitude helps a great deal.
As my head has been fuzzy, I couldn't even think about what to knit - the next big project - so I fell back upon the trusty cloth.  I haven't knitted one for several months.  I thought to do a couple of picture cloths.  I am on the third one now.  This one is Knitted Tea Cup Cloth by Rhonda White.
This one is Garden Wheelbarrow by Melinda Bergland Burnham.  Both are free patterns on Ravelry.

I have enjoyed doing them.  The third, which I'm nearly half way through is Baked with Love by Rachel Van Schie. I have done this one before, about three years ago, for a swap.
I am going to continue to Stash Bust.  I will compile a list of all stash busting projects I did in 2012, and the non-stash busting ones.  From now on, I am going to count all projects as Stash Busting unless I buy new yarn specirically for it.  I believe the last time I bought yarn was at the Woolfest, and not much before that, other that some acrylic for Mary-Jane.
I also want to work my way through a Baking Book and do every single recipe in the book.  I ahven't decided yet which book to use.  I am thinking about what sort of book - it won't be just a cupcake book.  I think by half way through I'd never ever want to look a cupcake in the face again.  I want one that will be a bit of a challenge where I can do new things (choux pastry is in there somewhere), plus one that may have a nod to seasonal produce.  I've not had a serious look through my books for a fitting one, due to me being off the hooks and not being able to concentrate etc, but it will come.
Now I am on Flikr Pro, I also want to post more images.  And knit loads and loads!

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