Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Cloth Free Project

I have finished my cloth run for now.  I have started making a baby blanket for a lady at playgroup who has just announced  she is expecting her second baby in June.  This lady has always been very friendly and welcoming to me.  Apart form being happy for her news, I, being a knitter, saw an opportunity to knit.  I don't want to do anything overly fancy or too many items as we are not best buddies or anything like that.  I do want to grab the chance of doing something pretty.  I have slightly adapted the pattern from one on Rav, which has inturn been borrowed from Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I have cast on 193 stitches in a white 4 ply acrylic.  Nine stitches either side form a border.  The main body is a four row repeat of EZ's Gull stitch, which is used in the baby ietms in February of the Knitters Almanac.  I have done nine ridges in garter stitch before starting the Gull Stitch.
I have also seen a pattern for a cardi in this months yarnwise that I like.  I have the yarn to do it, but would probably have to do it in stripes, which I don't particularly fancy at the moment.
I have been to Fobbles and spent a pleasant morning there, listening to stories and half pouring over some of my new recipe books that I bought to show Di.
My IBS is still very much with me.  I think it is starting to stabilise.  My appetite is still very affected.  I am feel peckish at meal times but the thought of eating (or making) a normal evening meal really puts me off.  It's a vicious circle.  I don't feel quite as bloated. I do have tummy/gut spasms at the drop of a hat or the mention or thought of anything vaguely stressful.  I believe it will take longer than I originally anticipated to get over this one.  Such a shame I couldn't get a GP appointment when I tried, instead of having to wait for three or four weeks.  I'm sure it wouldn't have been this bad.

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