Friday, 4 January 2013

View From The Sofa

I have pushed myself to 'do' today.  I did a bit and dozed a bit in the afternoon.  Getting there.  I made a quiche and some cheese and mustard pinwheels with the left over pastry.    My appetite is quite poor and not seemingly getting better yet.  For tea, I just had a piece of quiche rather than a full meal.  I also skipped lunch as I wasn't hungry.  This is not me!  I don't feel hungy now, although my insides have woken up and are having a bit of a warm up fight with themselves.
When I was sat this morning, I decided to take some images of 'views from my corner'.  This is looking slightly to the right.  My end of the sofa is diagonally opposite the corner you can see.

This is nearly straight ahead, to the right a bit.  Take note of the colour of the sky outside - it is 10am!!!  Misty rain prevails.  As you can see, Mary-Jane's things dominate the room.  This is our Front Room, where we spend our day.
I have finished my latest cloth - Baked With Love by Rachel Von Schie, available freely on Ravelry.

I have decided to do a few more cloths for the time being.  I have selected a few more picture cloths, and am hoping to do one more in the sage, cream and tea rose.  The three colours do go well together.  I am debating whether to keep them for when we get a place of our own again or to just go ahead and use them.  Decisions decisions!

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