Friday, 25 January 2013

Illness - Hospital

How long have I been saying that I have been feeling off the hooks (unwell)???  Weeks and weeks.  And this time I have been proper poorly.  Not seriously I hasten to add, though.  But bad enough.  Sunday the 13th, in the afternoon, I took a nose dive.  I didn't feel well at all.  Rapidly.  I went to bed in the afternoon and not far off stayed there.  As the evening and night progressed I felt worse and worse.  I was sweating profusely and had such pain in my abdomen.  Sharp, shooting pains that came in waves, almost as bad as labour pains.  I thought about going to the hospital in the night it was that bad.  In the morning, HK got onto the GP's surgery first thing and got me an appointment late morning.  The GP's verdict was to go to the local hospital to the Nurse Practitioners Unit to get checked out.
After a few hours of being poked and prodded, I was cannulated and hooked up to a saline drip.  The decision had been made to keep me in.  There was no bed free, so I was taken up to Accident and Emergency to wait in one of their beds.  I was deemed to need an actual bed, rather than wait in a chair.  Luckily I had not been in A&E no more than five minutes when a bed became free on the Emergency Assessment/Treatment Ward.  I was bundled into a wheelchair, along with my drip and taken to a bay on the ward around half past five.
I have had bloods taken, had a saline drip, been given very strong IV antibiotics for 48 hours, then changed to oral, I have had a CT scan and an pelvic ultrasound scan.  I have been poked and prodded and vomitted.  I have been bounced between the Surgical team and the Gynae team.  The cause of my pain has been put down to a very bad infection.  The source or origin of this infection remains unknown.  A mystery.  I still have some awareness of a dull ache where the pain was.  I have finished the anti-biotics.
I was discharged on Friday tea time, when both teams decided that what ever it was wrong with me, was nothing to do with them.  I was responding to medication, so I was sent on my way.  I could hardly walk.  I shuffled painfully and slowly off the ward, down the stairs and into the cold night air.

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