Friday, 21 May 2010

Soaker Day

I'm distracted (read pre-occupied) with a new pattern. I'm itching to cast on - providing I have the yarn in the stash - I'm sure I have - DK wool! The pattern is for a New Born Soaker on flat needles, in English, it is a knitted version of those nasty plastic pants that you put over baby's nappy, using straight needles. I've picked a simple pattern to do, there are some that start with Magic Loop cast on etc, but my head can only cope with very simple things at the moment, plus my concentration isn't at it's best.

I Have finished some coasters for a swap. I really enjoyed doing these, and will do some for my home. I did them in trusty Peaches & Creme, so they will wash well. I'm sure yesterday I was itching to start another project, but was very good and decided to finish the coasters before I turned my attention to soemthing else. But I've slept since then and I can't remember what yesterday's burning wannado project was. It might have been to sew some sqaures together to form a blankie. Perhaps, sounds like it. But this is today, and today is Soaker Day


paula said...

Have you seen the soaker for a little girl that has a skirt on it? It is SO CUTE.

CarpeDyem said...

I've seen the one on Ravelry and am highly struck by it! It's cute!