Monday, 17 May 2010

Glucose Tolerance Test

I have a Glucose Tolerance Test - GTT - this morning at the Hospital. I'm not overly looking forward to it - apart from it interfering with the weekly knit at Druckers. From 9pm last night it was nil by mouth apart from water. My appointment is at 9am. I will be required to have a few blood tests and drink a glucose drink (bet that tastes yuk!) then have a few more blood tests. My veins are not easiest to detect never mind withdraw blood from. The last time I had bloods done at the hospital, my arm was so bruised! The bruise was well over 6 inches in length plus there was bruises that fitted finger marks from where the phlebotomist was holding on to my arm and wiggling the needle.

I don't enjoy having bloods done due to my veins going into hiding and ensuing discomfort. Not to mention the actual process of having bloods taken!

The other bit that I'm not looking forward to is that the whole GTT takes just over 2 hours. So liklihood is that I won't be eating till about 12. And I just know that I will feel so grotty for going so long without food. Never mind. It is for the good of my and Baby's health.

I don't think I have gestational diabetes, I don't have any of the classic symptoms and Baby seems to be growing at an average rate. But due to my BMI and close family history of diabetes, it needs to be done.

On the upside - I have decided to have (depending on hunger!) when I get home, a peanut butter sandwich and/or toast with Rhubarb and Apple jam that I made last week. All with bread thatI made yesterday! Yum yum! Plus whilst I'm sat around during the test, I have to sit/rest, so my hands will be busy - crocheting a cot blanket!


Unknown said...

Wait...did I read that correctly???? Someone who didn't grow up in the US is actually going to eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich?????

(You realize that when I lived in Europe, my friends would all be disgusted when I ate this combination.)

In all seriousness now, good luck with the GTT. May the results be what you hope for (and the tech gets it right on the first stick!)

CarpeDyem said...

You nearly heard right - I haven't the courage to eat jam and peanut butter at the same time! Although I am a little curious!

GTT went better than what I thought, results on Wednesday.

paula said...


YUMM-O ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Now I know why I like you so much. By the way, have you given Rhinog peanut butter. ALL my canine "fur babies" have LOVED it. Give them a tablespoon full on their tongue and the fun begins.

Another LOVELY peanut butter and bread idea . .toast bread, coat with honey and then the peanut butter . . . a little bit of heaven on earth. Oh, and put some banana slices on any bread and peanut butter . . . makes me shiver with anticipation of how great it tastes.

Must go . . I need to get a peanut butter filled, chocolate covered cookie . . another tasty treat.

CarpeDyem said...

Paula - that does sound scrummy, but I think that if I ate that, I wouldn't need to eat for the rest of the day!!!

Would be fun seeing Rhinog eating peanut butter.......