Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Soup Lunch

Today Beckermet WI held their first Soup Lunch at the Reading Room. It was a scorching hot day. I was volunteered to do the washing up, which I did. There was four soups in the offing - Rough Vegetable, Smooth Veg, Bean & Bacon and Carrot & Coriander. The Rough Veg was by far the most popular, although it seemed that everyone enjoyed whichever they had. It is called 'Rough' as it has not been pureed - hence making it 'smooth'. Now I dont know if the terms rough and smooth are terms that the Soup Maker uses or are locally used terms. Apparantly they may not be local to here. I'm curious to find out where from. I'm also curious for the recipe of the rough - it's apparantly on the trusty t'internet! It's very tasty, mark my words!

I've not done any baking since the Bake-athon last week. Oh apart from 16 Rice Crispie cakes - do they really count as baking? I think they do in certain circles. I'm a bit baked out at the moment. Perhaps a rest would be good to re-charge the juices.

I won a prize in the raffle - a box of Quality Street, which now adorns the top of the book case. Lucky Me!

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