Wednesday, 20 April 2011

MJ's 9 Month Development Check

MJ has had her 9 month developmental check. Albeit she is just 8 months old, apparantly these checks have a little lee-way on them. Mary-Jane is developing very well. She chatters alot and makes lots of sounds - dadadadada and babababababa are her favourites at the moment, along with blowing bubbles and making a clicking sound with her tongue. She is quite a happy child. The skin on her face is healing well at the moment, it is probably about the best it has been. However her back is flaring up quite badly and this is spreading to her front. She has exzema and parts of this are fungal. Her skin is responding well to a cocktail of clotrimazole, hydrocortisone 1% and diprobase.

Mary-Jane's skin is very fair so needs lots of protection from the sun. The Health Visitor, Sarah, has encouraged us to expand Mary-Jane's food and to try her on more lumpier things. Today for the first time she properly seemed to enjoy a Farleys Rusk as a finger food, although the sofa got a good share of the rusk as well! She has also tried cheese today and seemed to like that too.

We have been given a Bookstart pack, including a couple of books and many reasons why books, nursery rhymes and singing and talking to baby are so important. There are Music and Movement groups on a Friday, one in Cleator Moor and one in Gosforth that we can attend, which I think we will. A lot of people speak highly of these type of groups. Once the Easter Holidays are over and the groups re-start, MJ shall be going to one of these and a Play group. It would be good if MJ could make friends before the Summer Break.


paula said...

Oh, yes, you MUST read to MJ. I have heard so many parents, bothold and the newst ones, talking about how much they enjoyed the nightly bonding of reading to their babies, toddlers, and sometimes it keeps going as long as the child wants it.

SInging and lots of music on the radio or some type of machine, be it tapes,, CD's DVD's . but lots of music and rhythm in the house . . . wait until she starts keeping time to music with pots, pans and spoons. What a ride!

CarpeDyem said...

I'm looking forward to it all the way!