Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Bit Boho Scarf

I've started making a scarf, very similar to, if not a variation of a Baktus. I started it in lime and raspeberry solid stripes, two ridges a colour (ie 4 rows of each). I was happy with the form of it, but the colours! As much as I do like the two colours and think they go together, they just didn't sit right to me as solid stripes. This bothered me, and I had done about 12". All I could hear was a plethora of voices in my mind telling me that if I wasn't happy with it, then I probably wouldn't wear it, even if I finished it. Nuff said. It got frogged and I chose to do the scarf in lime. Which is a similar colour to my Yarn Gathering Scarf, but a very different yarn.

The yarn I'm doing it in is Yarnfield, it is all acrylic, so will wash easily, and suit the current budget! Next I will try this pattern in the yarn that I got from the Knitting Club, that is lighter and I have hope that it will knit up good.

I'm itching to play with my stash, but the time is not yet nigh for this activity. I keep dreaming of a big room, with a rocking chair that I can have as my knitting play room........

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