Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pepper-ami and a new Dress

This is Pepper-Ami - she's a bit of an animal! The kit was free in this months Lets Knit! It said it could be done in an evening, which I think is do-able, not that I did it in an evening - it didn't take long. The eyes are a bit dodgy and may well need re-stitching soon. Mary-Jane likes playing with it and that is what counts. I may have to make another doll. In a while.
We called it Pepper-Ami as when I was sewing it up, it looked like a pepperami, nothing more to it than that.......

I have finished another playtop for Mary-Jane. This is the same pattern as the previous one that I had all the tension problems with. The yarn is from Lidl and very reasonably priced. The ball was 400g so there is tons and tons left. I think it is pretty. Needless to say, MJ shall be wearing it tomorrow! My next project will be some back scrubber cloths for AnnInAmerica. Then after that I shall start an Alphabet Blanket for my cousin who is is expecting her first baby in November. I'm looking forward to doing this project, although I'm sure I'll do a few smaller ones along the way. I was given one of these blankets at my baby shower, knitted by my Knitty friend Christine. I wrapped MJ in it when she came home from the hospital. I also have used it rather alot since, so it sentimental to me.

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