Saturday, 2 April 2011

Garden Update

The garden where we are now is much, much bigger than our previous one. Ian has made one veg bed. About a week ago, he planted a crop of 36 early spuds, I can't remember the type. Mary-Jane and I looked on, in traditional fashion. Well nearly traditional. I didn't put any spuds in the ground and there was no knitting in sight! However in true Chook Style, Ian had plenty of close range help from the chooks. In increasing numbers when they realised he was digging as well. Clever me has deleted the photo though...... This is the soft fruit bed. Needs a lot of work to clear and prune, but there are soft fruit plants in there. Can't wait, I love soft fruit and all the yummy things that can be done with them. I can't do picutes of the garden, without showing Mary-Jane. She does seem to enjoy being outside, which delights us both.
Ah, another picture of HK planting the spuds. With a lot more help than what he wanted. In the end there was about 8 chooks lending their services.

This area is designated to be the compost area. It is such a great shame on this level that we left the old house when we did. The compost that we had done was so rich and well tended, it would have been excellent. We couldn't bring it with us. Time to start again. We shall have lots of strawberries. Plants have been found in the garden and new ones have been bought. HK has planted these and put them on top of part of the chicken run. This will also afford the chooks a little shade - and a lot of temptation! They will be netted (the plants not the chooks!) so the wild birds won't eat the fruit.
The Girls, taking a breather in the edge of the soft fruit bed. They seem to like it here. They can get the sun and be a bit protected.
The chooks at the moment aren't laying much, about two or three eggs a day. Perhaps spending too much time enjoying the sunshine?!


paula said...

Strawberries . . . yummy! You and HK will be quite the farmers now that you have more room.

CarpeDyem said...

There are cows (heffers I am informed!) and sheep in the field at the end of the garden! I would like more of the garden given over to growing fruit and veg but.......