Friday, 29 April 2011

A bit more Boho than Boohoo

Last night I had very nearly finished the lime scarf. The last row didn't work out, I had two stitches left over. I was too tired to pull it back and try and suss out where I went wrong. I have spent time doing that today. And deciding how much longer I wanted it. I don't think I've been too switched on to it today. I have got all the increases and decreases sorted and how many extra repeats I have to do in the middle to make it longer. I frogged it half way down and started again. I'm going to do an extra 14 or 15 stitch pattern repeats in the centre. I've done two so far.

It is a pretty scarf and I like the colour. I shall Keep Calm and Carry On Knitting.

I was going to download some photo's but I think my memory card is finally giving up the ghost. Bugger!

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