Thursday, 16 July 2009

This one is for Sylvia!!

This one is for you Sylvia!! Stop giggling now!!

In this months 'Let's Knit' is a pattern called Tansy, a cardi made with Sirdar Big Softie. Sylvia, yes you! put me onto this as she has already started the cardi.

I got the yarn on Monday afternoon and cast on that evening. Tuesday - the main of Tuesday is for another blog - but Tuesday allowed me to have extra knitting time. Wednesday I went hell for leather and had a knitting marathon! Hours and hours of knitting. I had 3 rows left before I decreased for the arm when I had to throw the towel in.

So I finished the back off today! I shall start the front parts this evening. I'm a bit knitted out at the moment and do not want to get distracted on another project before I finish this one... it's easily done!

I've not really given the yarn much of a passing glance as it contains that stuff - acrylic. Trying to get away from being too much of a yarn snob, I thought it was worth a second look. And it's 50% wool. The thing that did it forme, apart from it looking kinda okay, was the price - £1.89 for 50g. That took me straight to the counter to pay! And now I'm thinking about other projects I can do with it! A big woolly something or another for HobbitKeeper has made the list as well!


bubbles said...

Left comments post probably because i am still laughing. Will we see this yarn soon?

CarpeDyem said...

I cast on one of the fronts last night. You probably won't see the yarn only the finished