Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Summer Swaps

I'm signed up to the hilt with Summer Swaps. I'm being orgainised (!) got it all planned out, apart from the actual patterns and specific colours for each. All the swaps are cloth swaps - am flying the flag for Peaches n Creme!

So what I've got planned for my needles are -

1. Birthday Swap - okay, not a cloth swap, but am posting it today!

2. Tribbles - tribbles are on theire way to me, although I was expecting to have them arrived already!

3. Square Swap Dosie Do - this take part in four stages, so it's nicely spread out

4. Summer Spa Swap

5. Pre Christmas Swap

6. Cookie and Cloth Swap

7. School Days Swap.

I'm looking forward to doing all these. But I must not sign up to any more!! This is fun not pressure!! So watch for lots of fab pix!

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