Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Trip Round The Garden

The garden is growing well in general. We are harvesting most of the crops now. Over winter we may use horse manure to fertilise the garden, it needs something to be put back into it!

This is the rhubarb that we bought in the spring. It's doing well, and I'm pleased with it!
View inside the potting shed. The pepper plants haven't got any fruit on them yet, although there does seem to be tiny tiny things that may be peppers! In the foreground is some tomato plants which seem to be doing okay so far.
From the bottom of the garden, with HobbitKeeper being very busy
Close up of young cauliflowers
A courgette plant - these grow very well and produce tasty courgettes - and plenty of them!
Lavender and grass, with the Bird Bath. The small birds love this bath!
HobbitKeeper chasing Roast, the escapee!

Roast trying to get home again...... or is she egging the others on to come out and play??!!

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