Friday, 17 July 2009

Mini Purse Swap #3

In May/June I participated in the Rav Mini Purse Swap #3. My Spoiler was Serenamcfay. ANd she did spoil me!

This is what was in store for me when I opened the parcel up!
After much tearing of paper and much cooing, this is what I was gifted: A fab card with a pig on it, a rooster mug, a swizzle stick, a ball of Toft Alapca, a ball of Noro Hotaru, a felted bracelet, Cadburys Chocolate sprinkles, an angelic votive candle, hand cream, a gauge counter, a row counter, a stitch holder and a needle sizer!!
The star of the show was the 'Mini Purse'! Serenamcfay had made me a wonderful bag that can be used to put your yarn in when knitting, save it going all over everywhere! It is a flower, with the top of it being the petals. The yarn is gorgeous! Thank you!!

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