Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Italian Chicken

I had a parcel from Lessie in Italy arrive yesterday, and what a treat! Lessie sent me a huge skein of gorgeous Letizia cotton in purples, three balls of Surf cotton, again in very 'me' colours! Along with two big sweets - am saving them for after tea - a post card and two pamphlets about the very historic area where Lessie lives.
The rather scrummy Letizia! I've not yet decided what to make with this yet..... I need to make my mind up soon as I want to start knitting it!

And that leaves The Chicken!! I've put it with my chooks - bet ya can't tell which one is The Italian Chicken??!! Also in the pic is Roast, Sunday, Rocky and Radar!

The Chicken talking to Sunday and Radar!

I love this chicken! Thank you so much Lessie for him and the gifts!!

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