Friday, 17 July 2009

The First UK Ravlery Day - Coventry 6th June 09

The 6th of June saw the much anticipated First UK Ravelry Day, held in Coventry. Well done to Jo Watson and friends for organising the day!

The day was a good one, even though it hoofed it down all day, proper hoofed it until about 4pm. That did not seem to deter people walking round the Market Place!

So.... the day has to start with tickets...... train tickets, entrance ticket and my name badge!
Now these two Alpaca's are soooo cute, all alpacas are cute. I want one, well a few as they need to be in packs! Don't think they will fit in the garden though! I have heard of people walking their alpacas as one would walk a dog... imagine the looks, lots of fun!

Donna and I taking a picture of each other..... has to be done!
A few of Stafford Knit Chicks - Me, Jeanette, Rachel and Helen with Solomon just out of view! This was the first of several tables I sat on. I was spotted by one person, on three different occasions, eating three different cakes and supping tea!
JustAli and myself. JustAli was my Secret Sister and spoiled me rotten with all the thigns she gifted me, including a very wonderful Weavers Mini Shawl. Which is getting lots and lots of use!!

Me and the lady behind Extreme Knitting - Rachel John. I already have a pair of extreme needles - 24mm, so I treated myself to an extreme crochet hook.......Rachel is featuring in the next two 'Crochet Today' magazines.... Take a look, its worth trying out, if no reason other that it is the ultimate stash buster!

The next Ravelry Day is August 2010 in Stirling, Scotland. It is the climax of Knit Camp 2010 - See you there!!!

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