Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hats R Us!

Mary-Jane has been having fun exploring hats and various headwear of late. She seems to like and tolerate things on her head. Or is it just me liking to have a play? Well, there is a question that needs no answer!

It started off with The Frog. Actually is started a long time ago by putting her muslin cloth on her head, but the less said about that the better. Mary-Jane thought it was fun that the frog was on her head and posed quite happily for photos. The next hat, and please note that not all this head-onistic fun was all on one day, was the rather gorgeous hat from Tavish. It comes with a matching jacket as well. This hat is rather splediferous and has bells on some of the ends of the twirly bits. MJ loves hearing the bells when she moves her head.

This is a hat I made her to go with her new play dress. As is the common theme with my knitting of late, it is a little too big for her, but not too overly big. Honest.

That hat is not as big as this one that I finished for her last night. The picture is a big hazy as I left the camera in the car last night and we have had Cumbrian Rain all night and all morning so far. I will tell you the delights of Cumbrian Rain another time. Any how, the hat. I used Robin Cupcake. It's a lovely warm yarn and if I can get the bloody tension anywhere near right then, I would gladly use it again. The pattern gave two sizes, 18" and 20". I decided to go with the 20" (not being clued up on baby head sizes, a fatal flaw in this sorry little tale). I thought my little girl is growing and doesn't need the first size. Oh dear. A measure in time saves frogging. As does a tension square.

I'm sure you can see where this sorry tale is going. Hat complete and me beaming that it looks fine and planning to take MJ out in it, HK suggested very tactfully that it was a bit big. It is, a lot bit big. It fits me. The proportions are a little out, but it fits me. I measured it, 22". My head measurement is 23". I shall see how well the yarn frogs. I'm getting rather p*****d off with this tension malarky!


paula said...

You MUST post M-J's head measurements . . . I love a little one in funky hats :-}

Oh, I have a 24 inch head . . so you really out did yourself on a 20" baby hat :-)

CarpeDyem said...

The said hat has been frogged and the yarn can be re-used. I'll sort out MJ's measurements. Funky hats 'R' us!