Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Mary-Jane is continuing to grow, as babies do! The biggest news is that she has finally cut her two front teeth. She is learning to sit up and has help with this from Ermintrude. We got a new stroller for MJ, as she was fast growing out of her original pram/pushchair. The new one is not quite so good at off-roading as the old one, but I can push her round the garden in it.
MJ has not grown out of her beloved play mat. However when she is rolling round on the floor, she does not keep her rollings to just the play mat, this is just her starting point and she rolls all over. When she gets to the edge of the room, she is returned to her play mat to start again! She loves it.
Here is Mary-Jane out in the garden a few days ago. It was a lovely warm sunny spring day. She really enjoyed watching the chickens about the place.
We now have 6 more chickens (that is the royal 'we' by the way). They are young. As yet they haven't been allowed out of the run till they have settled down and got used to their new home.

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