Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Walk on a Spring Day

Yesterday was a wonderfully warm spring day. Come mid morning, MJ and I were ready for a walk and make the most of the glorious weather. HK has been chomping at the bit to get outside and do, so he was more than happy being out and sorting the area between the house and the garage. Mary-Jane and I headed out on the back road to Beckermet (Nursery Road). It was wonderful to be out and to feel the sun warming our bones!

I know I've shown these views before, I like to see the same place throughout the year to see how the place changes with the seasons. If you look in the centre of the picture, you can just see the sea. It is much more visible by the naked eye. As beautiful a day it was, there was a lot of snow on top of the fells. Again, look at the centre of the picture, it is snow, not low laying clouds!
We walked into the village and turned right up School Lane. I'm not sure if it actually called School Lane or Mill Fields something or another! There is a primary school and a nursery down there. We carried on till we got in distance of some bends. As there was no path, I decided to turn back. Appararntly if we had continued, the A595 was directly the other side of the bends. It would bring us out at the roundabout. However I'm pretty sure that there is no path on the main road between there and here, but I shall have a look next time we are out - which will probably be later this afternoon.
We were out for and hour and a half in total. On the way back it was that warm that I had to take my coat off. Today the weather is soooo miserable. Not cold as such, but wet, very wet. It's been raining all day. Visibility is poor, the fells are nowhere is sight, neither is Sellafield. That's not a bad thing!


paula said...

You are so lucky to be living in such a beautiful area

CarpeDyem said...

I am, I can't wait to get further afield around here and explore the lakes and fells better