Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More Kitchen Goodies

I'm still trying to spend some time in the kitchen, where I have chance. I made a quiche - mushroom and cheese - using some of the eggs from the girls in the garden. It tasted good. I didn't put in as much cheese in as usual and used a small amount of double cream rather than creme fraiche. Surprisingly it tasted more eggy! Meringues. At the last WI meeting, there was a cookery demonstration. I came away with a variation on an idea for stuffed mushrooms. And inspiration to try meringues. I have held the belief that meringues are very difficult to do. This theory has now vamooshed into the Ether. Meringues are now in my repertoire of Things I Can Bake. They are mighty sweet though, that I shall tinker with.

So here are my first meringues. I used two egg whites and double the weight on sugar. BAked on a very low heat for just over an hour. I'm chuffed. As well as being inspired to try and bake meringues, I also tasted mangoes and passion fruit. I duly went out the following day and got some of the fruit. Yum Yum, I'm converted. Why wasn't I brave enough to try these fruit before? Oh I also tried Physalis. Makes your ears waggle, but will look out for them when shopping next!
That leaves me with my trust Cheddar and Apple pie. This is more gorgeous than the picture looks. It's cheesy pastry, and the filling is layers of fried onion, sliced apple, sweet potato, wensleydale cheese and sage. Topped with creme fraiche. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


paula said...

I thought it was a regular apple pie . . .WOW . . . all of the other stuff in it too . . Y*U*M*M*O.

All of your baked goods make my mouth water.

CarpeDyem said...

Thank you! I only wish that you could come for tea!