Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cheese Straws, Faffiers and Macarons

The baking continues. Cheese Straws. I followed the recipe. I think it it needs it tweeking. They tasted good, however, and didn't last long. I shall make cheese straws again, but not for a bit.
Palmiers. I thought I'd venture into pastry. It's never been a strong point. My shortcrust pastry is passable. I saw the recipe for Palmiers and it got me going. I was pleased how they came out, they could be better though. I'm going to re-name them Faffiers, because you really need to faff to get them made. These too didn't last long. As the recipe said, they are nice with a hot drink. They are also tasty with ice cream. Again I'd make them again, when I'm feeling up to it. They need some time and patience. I did add some mixed spice, which worked well.

Today I tried making Macarons. Disaster. I won't be trying to make them again. Trust me! Next time I shall be sticking with cupcakes and spongy type stuff!


paula said...

what's faff?

CarpeDyem said...

Faff is to spend time doing not much, a bit like messing around; or to do alot or to take many steps to do something, to waste time and not acheive much in the end, when perhaps you should be doing something else. 'To faff about' . To employ on a worthless task that lasts all day.